Our collaborators

Here are some of the dedicated, passionate organizations that share our mission to make safer roads a reality for all.

8 80 Cities  Logo

8 80 Cities

8 80 Cities is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in cities no matter their age, ability, or socioeconomic status. We bring people together to enhance mobility and public space so that together we can create more vibrant, healthy, and equitable communities. We believe that if everything we do in our cities is great for an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old, then it will be great for all people.

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Canada Safety Council Logo

Canada Safety Council

The Canada Safety Council is an independent, knowledge-based, charitable organization dedicated to the cause of safety. We provide national leadership in safety through information, education and collaboration. We are Canada’s voice and resource for safety.

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Carraway Safety Logo

Carraway Safety

Carraway aims to increase community safety through methodical pedestrian and vehicle traffic management services.

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City of Markham  Logo

City of Markham

Working with the community to provide high-quality municipal services that meet, if not exceed, the expectations of our residents and businesses.

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Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia  Logo

Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia

Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia's mission: to improve crosswalk safety, and more generally pedestrian safety, through education and providing research to the public, government and their staff, and police in order to improve the safety for pedestrians at crosswalks. To facilitate community initiatives, e.g. crosswalk flag programs, in order to improve crosswalk safety.

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Highline BETA Logo

Highline BETA

Highline Beta works with corporations to co-create and co-invest in early-stage startups. By unlocking the best that founders, corporations, and venture capitalists have to offer, Highline Beta is building a new model for corporate innovation and startup investing.

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Miovision Logo


Miovision is helping build tomorrow’s smart cities by transforming the way traffic networks are managed today. Backed by the world’s most advanced traffic AI, Miovision’s innovations in traffic planning and operations have made it possible for cities to improve the transportation experience for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians since 2005. With offices in Kitchener, Canada and Cologne, Germany, Miovision serves over 17,000 municipalities worldwide. For more information, visit www.miovision.com.

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Ontario Traffic Council Logo

Ontario Traffic Council

To develop and promote expertise regarding traffic matters affecting Ontario in keeping with current and future transportation, social and environmental goals through Engineering - Enforcement - Education.

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Parachute Logo


Parachute is Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention. Our mission: to create a safer Canada by preventing serious and fatal injuries through evidence-based solutions that advocate and educate. Our vision: a Canada free of serious injuries, with Canadians living long lives to the fullest.

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Park & Diamond Logo

Park & Diamond

Park & Diamond will create precisely engineered products to decrease the risk of life-altering injuries, while also accessible by price, style, and portability.

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Sametrica Logo


SAMETRICA’s mission is to transform the way humanity values itself. SAMETRICA is a SaaS product for demonstrating the social, community, and environmental value of the enterprise. We work with the largest organizations in the world, providing an end-to-end solution for logic modelling, data collection, and reporting.

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